Happy Celiac is a team of celiacs, celiac supporters, and celiac friendly individuals determined to give you all the tools you need to travel worry-free and eat safely anywhere in the world. We want every celiac to be a happy celiac and we know with our help you’ll be just that.

Happy Celiac is me, it’s you, it’s us. Whether you’re a celiac, gluten-intolerant, have a wheat allergy, or simply follow a strict gluten-free diet, join our Happy Celiac community so you can discover how gluten-free friendly this world truly is while planning your next vacation.

Every celiac deserves to be a happy celiac

Ben & Jazzy, Founders of Happy Celiac

About the Creators of Happy Celiac

I’m Ben, the happy celiac that has always dreamed of traveling the world. But when I got diagnosed with celiac disease that dream was put on the back burner. As we all know, celiac disease makes traveling extremely difficult. However, I got my bearings and met my partner in crime, Jazzy (a super supportive non-celiac) who too shared the dream of seeing the world, and together we were determined not to let my diagnosis stop us from seeing out our dream.

Finally in 2012, that dream came true. Since then Jazzy and I have been traveling the world non-stop! Exploring countries, meeting new people, living in new places, discovering different cuisines, but most importantly eating our way around the world.

As a celiac I would never have imagined that living a life as a nomad would have been possible, but with my lust to travel, Jazzy’s support, the growing gluten-free industry, our awesome research skills, and determination to fulfill our travel dream, we made it happen. Actually, we are still making it happen.

Why We Created Happy Celiac

As we began to travel, we realized there wasn’t much information out there about traveling gluten-free, and what was there wasn’t very helpful. This lead to a lot of sick days, learning, discovering, and of course eating. And now, after 6 years of traveling gluten-free, we’ve picked up a lot of tricks, tips, and knowledge about gluten-free friendly restaurants to now safely navigate a gluten-free diet anywhere in the world. There was no way we were going to keep all this knowledge to ourselves! We needed to share it and show the gluten-free community just how gluten-free friendly this world could be.

If I have helped just one person in exploring a new location, be it in the city or countryside, within their own country and/or on foreign lands, I will feel as though I have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

With all we’ve learned and continue to learn, we want to empower celiacs, gluten-intolerants, and strict gluten-free eaters to travel the world regardless of their dietary needs. Because gluten-free travel isn’t just possible, it can be easy!

Just because you have a restricted diet doesn’t mean you need to lead a restricted life. We are here to equip you with all the tools you need to reclaim your life, to travel worry-free, and to eat safely anywhere in the world! As we grow, we hope that Happy Celiac can become your number one trusted resource for eating and traveling gluten-free around the globe.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

What You’ll Discover on Happy Celiac

1. Gluten Free Travel Guides

From dedicated gluten-free restaurants to gluten-free friendly hotels, you’ll find everything you need to safely vacation in 30+ destinations in the world! You won’t find a more extensive guide or resource anywhere on the internet. These guides are your one-stop shop for traveling anywhere gluten-free. Check out our gluten-free travel guides here.

2. Gluten-Free Translations Card

Our free translation cards are here to help you navigate your strict gluten-free diet in a foreign country and help chefs and restaurants provide you with a safe and delicious meal.

Our cards are: 

  • Country specific, there is no such thing as “one card fits all”
  • Translated by a celiac and a native speaker
  • Speaks about cross-contamination

3. eBook: 1,000+ Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants Around the World 

When your health is non-negotiable and you’re not in the position to make your own meals, the next best thing is to eat at 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants.

Our gluten-free guidebook has over 1,000 dedicated gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, and stores around the world. It includes popular destinations like Italy, France, and Bali. Your life as a celiac will never be the same once you have this ebook.

4. Tips for Explore the World On A Gluten-Free Diet

Navigating a strict gluten-free diet in a foreign country can be a daunting task, but with the help of our tips and trips you’ll feel confident vacationing anywhere!

Why Trust Us? What Makes Us Gluten-Free Travel Expert?

  • We know and understand the gravity of safely eating gluten-free (Ben’s a celiac and Jazzy is a celiac supporter and advocate). 
  • We also know travel, we’ve been giving travel advice to people all over the world on our travel website Road Affair since 2014. 
  • We’ve traveled to over 50 countries and lived in 4 in the last 6 years!

To sum it up: We get it! We’ve been there! Done that! Ate that! And suffered the consequences! We are living proof that gluten is not a hindrance to exploring the beauties of this world!