Gluten-Free Brisbane & Gold Coast: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

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Brisbane holds a special place in my heart as it is where I became obsessed with gluten-free donuts. Never in my life have I been somewhere where gluten-free donuts were so readily available and scrumptious. But for those looking for delicious savory options, Brisbane caters to those taste buds too. With quite a few 100% gluten-free eateries, and even dedicated gluten-free market stalls at the popular Eat Street Market, a trip to Brisbane will be quite a treat for any gluten-free eater or celiac.

So without further ado here are the best gluten-free restaurants Brisbane has to offer. 

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Gluten-Free Restaurants in Brisbane

Restaurants marked with a star (★) are 100% gluten-free.

I Heart Brownies ★

Chocolatey homemade heart shaped brownies, perfectly crispy on the outside, yet moist and chewy on the inside, are the kind of brownies you’ll devour at I Heart Brownies. The 100% gluten-free bakery has a variety of flavors including Turkish delight, caramel, and peanut butter. They also have dairy-free and vegan options available. I Heart Brownies has a stall at the Wintergarden Shopping Mall Centre.

17 Hamilton Pl, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, Australia | Visit Website

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar ★

Smoked jackfruit enchiladas, nachos, Moroccan chickpea crepes, and anacani balls, are just a few of the beautifully presented dishes that highlight the 100% plant-based and gluten-free menu at Greenhouse Canteen + Bar in South Brisbane. Besides the food, Greenhouse has a great drinks menu full of creative cocktails that you can pair with your meal. Greenhouse Canteen + Bar is a must visit during your gluten-free Brisbane trip as it’s not everyday that a vegan celiac is spoiled for choice and doesn’t have to worry about what they can eat off the menu.

66 Manning St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia | Visit Website

Marché du Macaron ★ (CLOSED)

The 100% gluten-free patisserie & café is a chic family-run bakery that specializes in scrumptious homemade macarons. From flavors like cinnamon donut, chocolate lavender, bubblegum, and lime milkshake, Marche du Macaron offers a ridiculous number of flavors to choose from. Besides serving macarons, they also serve a variety of both sweet and savory products such as caramel slices, muffins, focaccia, and bread. Marche du Macaron has two locations in Ashgrove and another in Gordon Pak.

Various locations | Visit Website

Nodo Donuts ★

When it comes to gluten-free sweets, Brisbane does not disappoint. Nodo Donuts, a 100% gluten-free cafe with six locations in the city is known for their delicious gluten-free donuts. Though the donuts are baked and not fried, they taste heavenly. They alone make a trip to Brisbane worth it. Although Nodo is known for their donuts, they do offer a tasty cafe menu for breakfast and lunch, I highly recommend the 24 hour slow cooked brisket burger or brioche waffles. Nodo’s bigger locations offer even more options on the menu. For some of the best gluten-free donuts in Brisbane, don’t miss a stop at Nodo Donuts.

Various locations | Visit Website

Nutri Hitt ★ (CLOSED)

From humble beginnings as a stall in local markets to Australia’s largest raw and baked healthy cake manufacturer, Nutri Hitt has become popular among the local celiac community. Some might even say that they have a cult following. Nutri Hitt specializes in raw and baked cakes that taste so good that even the not-so-healthy nut wouldn’t know they’re devouring healthy treats that are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan! With so many cakes and savory options to choose from for breakfast, Nutri Hitt must definitely be added to your gluten-free Brisbane restaurant itinerary.

3/50 Hudson Rd, Albion QLD 4010, Australia | Visit Website

Wilde Kitchen ★

Wilde Kitchen is where healthy meets delicious. The paleo based kitchen serves real food without processed ingredients and focuses on serving nutritious food that’s good for the body and taste buds. Bone broth, fried chicken, and waffles are just a few of the options available. Wilde is the perfect cafe for those with dietary needs as the menu offers an array of low carb, keto, paleo, and dairy-free options. As a 100% gluten-free cafe that’s also accredited by the Coeliac Australia Association, at Wilde Kitchen you can truly sit back and enjoy your dining experience, it’s gluten-free nirvana. 

Macquarie St &, Florence St, Teneriffe QLD 4005, Australia | Visit Website

Spud Bar ★ (CLOSED)

The popular baked potato franchise which also happens to be 100% gluten-free has a location in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD area, Queen’s St. Mall. From the toppings, to the meat and sauces, everything is gluten-free. You can customize your own baked potato or choose one of the signature bowls. I recommend the pulled pork spud or the bacon & cheese, whatever you choose though, you’ll love it. For a quick gluten-free meal in Brisbane, there is no better option than Spud Bar.

LG Food Court, Wintergarden 171-209 Queen St Mall, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia | Visit Website

Covent Garden Gin Bar & Restaurant ★

Looking for a place to let your hair down and enjoy your evenings in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD area? Then check out Covent Garden Gin Bar. Live music, cocktails, and gins, plus a celiac-friendly menu, now that’s winning. If you want something low key you can head there for brunch, for a gin high tea, or for a bottomless brunch on Sundays. With a 100% gluten-free menu that does not compromise on flavor and 200 gins to choose from, you’ll easily understand why Covent Garden is one of the best gluten-free restaurants in Brisbane.

142 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101, Australia | Visit Website

Dovetail on Overend 

Brekkie buddha bowls, donuts, Filipino based dishes, and classic reuben sandwiches,

the hole-in-a-wall gluten-free mecca in Norman Park, lives by the ethos that celiacs deserve delicious and safe food too. So the celiac owner created a menu on which 

every item is either gluten-free or can be made gluten-free (with gluten-free toast) at no extra cost, ever! Not to mention that everything is made in a celiac-friendly kitchen and the staff are well trained about cross contamination.

85 Overend St, Norman Park QLD 4170, Australia | Visit Website

Gluten-Free Market Stalls in Brisbane

GFree Donuts: 100% gluten-free donut stall. You can find them at several Markets throughout Queensland and New South Wales! For exact markets and time check their website.

Bad Boys Doughnuts: Update: they now have a storefront and are no longer 100% gluten-free, but most items are including the donuts.

Considered one of the best gluten-free donuts in Australia, crispy on the outside yet light, airy, and fluffy on the inside. All their donuts are gluten, dairy, egg, nut, and yeast free. On the weekends you can find them at several markets in Brisbane city. Check their Facebook page for live locations.

Roesti Revolution: One of the most popular market stalls in Brisbane, Roesti Revolution happens to be 100% gluten-free too. For crispy roesti visit their Facebook page for their market whereabouts.

Eat Streets Market: The famous Brisbane market has some dedicated gluten-free stalls, (Rogue Spice, Slinky’s) and plenty of stalls with gluten free options.

Gluten-Free Restaurants on the Gold Coast

Located just an hour from Brisbane, the Gold Coast is a fantastic spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach. Popular places to stay on the Gold Coast are Surfer’s Paradise, Mermaid Beach, and Miami. However, for celiacs looking to avoid cooking every meal, I recommend staying in Mermaid Beach or Miami as those are the areas where the dedicated gluten-free eateries are located. Both places are just a 10-15 minute bus or tram ride from Surfers Paradise’s main area, Cavill Avenue. 

Marie Anita’s Gluten Free Health Cafe ★

The 100% gluten-free cafe sells delicious and high quality baked goods and artisan bread. The kitchen, which closes at 2:30, offers hot meals for both breakfast and lunch. Everything at this bakery is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined and cane sugar free, as well as mostly organic.

2364 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218 | Visit Website 

Gluten-free 4 U ★

Update: Gluten-free 4 U is a bakery chain with over 10 location throughout Australia. For all of their locations check their website.

The popular gluten-free bakery chain just opened a new location in Mermaid beach (this location is now closed) not far from Marie Anita’s. The bakery has an amazing selection of baked goods including cookies, cakes, and muffins. They also sell baked bread as well as savory options such as pizza. All their products are 100% gluten and nut free, with the option to be vegan, soy, yeast, dairy, and/or egg free.

7a/90 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218 | Visit Website 

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar ★

The Gold Coast’s only 100% gluten-free eatery opens only for dinner (except on the weekends when they are also open for brunch) and has an entirely plant-based menu. But don’t expect the meals to be bland and boring – as their motto says; “cruelty free & killin’ it”, their meals are delicious. Don’t miss the arancini, or the enchiladas. Green Canteen has other locations in Coolangatta and Brisbane.

1916 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220 | Visit Website

Newly Discovered 100% Gluten-Free Restaurants in Brisbane & Surrounding Area

Project Salubrious | Paleo | 143 Rowley Rd, Burpengary QLD 4505, Australia | Website

GF sistas | Cafe | 1 Alma Rd, Clayfield QLD 4011, Australia | Website

Merak GF Artisan Cafe | Cafe | 4A/100-102 Donald Rd, Redland Bay QLD 4165, Australia | Website

Happy Dough | Donut Shop | Various locations | Website

Supermarkets with Gluten-Free Products in Australia

Whatever supermarket you walk into in Brisbane, or Australia for that matter, you’ll be greeted with an array of gluten-free products, so there’s no need to pack a suitcase filled with gluten-free goodies. From breads and cereals, to soups and noodle cups, Australia has it all.

You can also rest assured that anything labeled as gluten-free is truly gluten-free, as per the Australian law everything labeled gluten-free is suitable for celiacs and contains less than 3ppm. 

Coles and Woolworths are the biggest supermarket chains and offer the largest selection of gluten-free products. Aldi and IGA are other well-known supermarket chains with a good amount of gluten-free items as well. 

Brisbane is quite a city to explore, and hopefully after reading this article you’ll find that it’s a nice city to be gluten-free in as well. Exploring more of Australia and looking for more gluten-free eateries along the way, check out or gluten-free Sydney guide.

Ben is the founder of Happy Celiac and a seasoned globetrotter with over 15 years of experience living gluten-free. He has embarked on a full-time travel adventure for the past decade, crisscrossing the globe from Europe to South East Asia and the Americas, exploring gluten-free dining options in every corner of the world. His first-hand experience in navigating the culinary intricacies of gluten-free travel has given him a unique perspective on travel and adventure, which he shares through his writing. His expertise and authority in the field make him an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore new destinations.

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