Gluten-Free Madrid: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

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Think it’s difficult to eat gluten-free in Madrid? Think again! The Spanish capital is home to over a dozen 100% gluten-free restaurants and thousands of restaurants that cater to celiacs. The city is a paradise for anyone traveling gluten-free. Whether you want to devour croquettes, paella, gluten-free churros, or suckling pig, this gluten-free guide has you covered. Here is everything you need to make your gluten-free trip to Madrid yummy and unforgettable.

Establishments marked with a star (★) are 100% gluten-free.

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Tips for Traveling Gluten-Free in Spain

Always Double Check

Unfortunately it is a very common practice for 100% gluten-free restaurants in Spain to serve regular bread in their establishments (they do this mainly to please and appeal to their non-gluten-free eaters). Though this sounds like an oxymoron, their menu and kitchen are 100% gluten-free however, they serve regular bread from a different area away from the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination!

With that being said always double check that the bread given to you is gluten-free as we almost got glutened this way! Better yet, always inform the waiter you are celiac even at 100% gluten-free eatery! Just to be safe.

Gluten-free beer in Spain isn’t 100% gluten-free

99% of gluten-free beer in Spain (actually most of all Europe) is actually “gluten-removed beer” meaning it is distilled from gluten (i.e. barley) and not from non-gluten-containing grains. Though most of these beers are certified gluten-free, I personally do not drink gluten-removed beer as I believe it is not safe for celiacs. You can be your own judge.

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Madrid

Artemisa Huertas ★

Artemisa is the first vegetarian gluten-free restaurant in Madrid, and arguably the best. Gluten-free vegetarian and vegan eaters can safely devour tasty traditional Spanish dishes without meat, such as paella and croquettes. The menu is 100% gluten-free and offers flavorful and healthy dishes like the eggplant lasagna. If you think vegetarian and vegan food is boring or tasteless, then eat a meal at Artemisa and you’ll change your mind, even meat lovers will be begging for more. Artemisa has a second location, Artemisa Gran Via.

Calle de Ventura de la Vega, 4, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Solo de Croquetas ★

Croquettes are one of the must-try foods when visiting Spain, and lucky for us celiacs there is an entire restaurant dedicated to making only gluten-free croquettes. From traditional fillings like ham and cheese, to new-age oreo and white chocolate, Solo de Croquetas offers over 25 different croquettes to choose from. We tried nine of them and couldn’t decide which was our favorite! For one of the best gluten-free snack options in Madrid, stop by Solo de Croquetas and sample the different croquettes from all around Spain.

Calle de Echegaray, 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

As De Bastos ★

Located in the Bellas Vistas neighborhood of Madrid is the 100% gluten-free Mediterranean restaurant, As De Bastos. Here celiacs can enjoy many traditional Spanish dishes, and foods they normally won’t find gluten-free. From traditional tapas like patatas bravas, fried anchovies, and croquettes, to grilled octopus and steak, a visit to As De Bastos won’t disappoint. It’s easily one of the best places to eat gluten-free in Madrid. As De Bastos has a second location in Majadahonda.

Calle de Castilla, 62, 28039 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Da Nicola 

Craving Italian or gluten-free pizzas in Madrid, then have a meal or two at Da Nicola. Certified by the Madrid Celiac Association, Da Nicola spoils celiacs with an extensive separate gluten-free menu where homemade gluten-free pasta, pizzas, and Italian desserts highlight the menu. With a separate dish of olive oil for dipping, and little umbrellas on every dish to denote they are gluten-free, Da Nicola’s awareness of cross-contamination is evident. It’s no wonder Da Nicola is considered one of the best gluten-free restaurants in Madrid.

Plaza Mostenses, 11, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

El Arrozal (CLOSED)

This gluten-free gem on Calle Segovia is where you go for safe traditional gluten-free paella in Madrid. The traditional family-run restaurant knows how to cater to celiacs as one of their children is one. The restaurant has a separate gluten-free kitchen and a menu on which almost everything is gluten-free or can be modified to be gluten-free. The menu offers over 15 delicious paellas, grilled meats, and homemade crispy gluten-free baguettes which are like no others. For a traditional gluten-free Spanish restaurant in Madrid, head over to El Arrozal.

Calle de Segovia, 13, 28005 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Okashi Sanda ★

Okashi Sanda is a Japanese restaurant which serves traditional Japanese dishes that are entirely gluten and dairy free. Though the menu has no sushi, it’s filled with other Japanese goodies like gyoza, takoyaki, katsudon, okonomiyaki, and gluten-free sake. Okashi was one of our favorite places to eat, so much so that we eat here three times on our visit to Madrid. For a taste of Japan while traveling gluten-free in Madrid, there is no better place than Okashi Sanda.

Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 22, 28004 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Kint Bistro ★ (CLOSED)

It’s not often a celiac can stroll through a market and eat at a food stall without worrying about getting sick. But at Kint Bistro you can do just that. Hidden in Mercado Vallehermoso, this 100% gluten-free culinary gem creates flavorful allergen-free dishes with fresh quality ingredients from the market in an open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs cook-it-up. Some favorites include the black rice with shrimp, sauteed veal in a ginger wine sauce, and fish croquettes. If you’re looking for an authentic local dining experience where catering to intolerances and dietary needs is not a problem, then a meal at Kint Bistro is a must during your gluten-free Madrid trip.

Calle de Vallehermoso, 36, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Loliam ★ (CLOSED)

From waffles and cheese balls for breakfast, to pizzas and buddha bowls for lunch and dinner, and cakes and muffins for a sweet snack, Loliam is a fantastic little gluten-free restaurant in Madrid. This dedicated gluten-free restaurant and bakery is also one of the few places in Madrid that is open all day, even through the midday siesta. However, it’s a very small restaurant with limited seating so it’s best to order take-away and enjoy your meal at the park, which is just a block away.

Calle Villalar, 6, 28001 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Maestro Churrero

Maestro Churrero is one of the only churrerias in which you can eat gluten-free churros in Madrid that are suitable for celiacs. Though the churros are smaller, and plain with no cinnamon sugar, they are worth a try. They taste much better when dipped into hot chocolate (not the drink, rather more like melted chocolate, and a lactose-free version is available). The gluten-free churros are made in a dedicated fryer and Maestro Churrero is certified by the Spanish Celiac Association, FACE.

Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, 2, 28012 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Gluten-Free Tapas Bar in Madrid 

Bar Mentrida

Bar Mentrida in Plaza de Olavide is what I like to call a celiac paradise. Why? Because this traditional tapas bar is certified by the celiac association and offers an almost 95% gluten-free menu, with only five items that aren’t gluten-free. Here you can have all the gluten-free tapas and pinchos you normally won’t find available, including bocadillos, montadios, chopitos, and more. And of course they have gluten-free beer. For excellent gluten-free tapas in Madrid at an authentic local tapas bar don’t walk, run to Bar Mentrida.

Plaza de Olavide, 3, 28010 Madrid, Spain | No Website

La Taberna Concha 

La Taberna is without a doubt one of the best gluten-free tapas restaurants in Madrid. They offer a separate yet extensive gluten-free menu in English with over 30 tapas, the staff are very knowledgeable of celiac disease and cross contamination and they are also certified by the Spanish celiac association. Here you can also get a free tapa with your drink order as well as taste homemade vermouth, a must-try drink in Spain.

Calle de la Cava Baja, 7, 28005 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

El Antiguo: Cafetería y Tapas ★ (CLOSED)

El Antiguo is your gluten-free tapas bar sent from heaven. Everything at El Antiguo is gluten-free so there is no worry of cross contamination. Cachopos, croquetas, tostas, and churros are just a few of the amazing traditional foods you can devour there. Beside savory food, they also have ice cream and baked goods, I highly recommend the brownies. The only downside is that El Antiguo is a 30 minute drive outside of Madrid’s city center, nonetheless it makes for a great pit stop if your driving to Toledo.

Avenida de Madrid, 77, 28607 El Álamo, Spain | Visit Website

Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid

Celicioso ★

Celicioso is probably the most popular gluten-free bakery in Madrid, and people seem to rave about it, but personally I didn’t like it. I went several times and everything I ordered from the poke bowl to the chicken sandwich and the toast disappointed me. I was not impressed. I will say though that they’re banana and lemon breads weren’t bad. Nonetheless, I listed them here because they are a 100% gluten-free bakery with several locations around Madrid and everyone should make their own judgement. 

Various Locations | Visit Website

La Oriental Sin Gluten ★

La Oriental is a 100% gluten-free family-run bakery in Madrid offering sinfully good gluten-free treats. A visit to La Oriental is like a visit to the candy store. They have a huge selection of sweets like petisú de crema, and napolitana de chocolate. There is also a handful of savory items and gluten-free bread. Please note: La Oriental has two stores right next to each other, however only one is 100% gluten-free.

Calle de Ferraz, 47, 28008 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Celikatessen ★

For the best gluten-free bread in Madrid, look no further than Celikatessen. Located inside Mercado de Pacifico, Celikatessen is the only completely gluten and lactose free bakery that makes homemade, organic, whole grain artisan bread. The bread is absolutely phenomenal. It’s not the cheapest but it sure is the best! Besides amazing bread, the celiac owner also offers baked goodies such as muffins, cookies, and cakes. Celikatessen is definitely one of the best gluten-free bakeries in Madrid.

Mercado de Pacífico (planta baja, Calle de Valderribas, 30, 28007 Madrid, Spain) | Visit Website

Sana Local ★

Though not in the city center, Sana Local is a fantastic gluten-free bakery for celiacs with food allergies. The bakery is completely gluten-free, with 95% of their pastries being lactose-free and many others with allergy-free options. Sana Local offers a wide array of pastries, savory items like pizzas, empanadas, as well as fantastic artisan gluten-free bread.

Calle del Gral Oraá, 49, 28006 Madrid, Spain | Visit Website

Bico de Xeado 

If you’re in search of a place to devour rich and creamy gluten-free ice cream, head to one of the many Bico de Xeados scattered around Spain. Though not widely advertised, the shop is very celiac friendly. All their ice-cream flavors, waffles, and brownies are gluten-free. However, they do sell gluten cones in addition to gluten-free ones. As for cross-contamination, they are extremely careful when you mention you are celiac. They will take your ice-cream from a new canister with a new scoop and offer a packaged spoon. It’s a celiac paradise with multiple locations around Madrid.

Various Locations | Visit Website

Newly Discovered 100% Gluten-Free Restaurants in Madrid

We update our gluten-free articles as frequently as possible and whenever we discover new 100% gluten-free places in Madrid, we will add it here so you can devour as much gluten-free food as possible while traveling around Madrid.

Solo de Croquetas Reina Victoria | Tapas Bar | Av. de la Reina Victoria, 15, 28003 Madrid, Spain | Website

La Celiacoteca | Bakery | C. de Eraso, 3, 28028 Madrid, Spain | Website

Grosso Napoletano Gluten Free | Pizzeria | C. de Fernando VI, 23, Local Izquierdo, 28004 Madrid, Spain | Website

LAIB Madrid | Bakery | Paseo de la R. Cristina, 30, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Website

Leon the Baker | Bakery | Various locations | Website

La Tape | Tapas & Mediterranean | cruce con Manuela Malasaña, C. de San Bernardo, 88, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Website

Pizza End Gluten | Pizzeria | C. de las Mártires Concepcionistas, 5, 28006 Madrid, Spain | Website

Naked and Sated | Healthy Food | C. de Estébanez Calderón, 3, 5, 28020 Madrid, Spain | Website

Holy Grain Bakery | Bakery | C/ del Alcalde Sainz de Baranda, 18, 28009 Madrid, Spain | Website

Pizza Natura saludable y sin gluten | Pizzeria | C. de Jovellanos, 6, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Website

Llagar El Quesu Madrid | Asturian | C. de Alburquerque, 31, 28010 Madrid, Spain | Website

Cucurucho Bar | Andalucian | C. de Mateo Inurria, 19, 28036 Madrid, Spain | Website

Waraku | Japanese | C. de Benito Gutiérrez, 4, 28008 Madrid, Spain | Website

Kaktus | Brewery & Restaurant | C. Carretas, 5, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, Spain | Website

Marqués Free From (Confitería Marqués) | Bakery | C. de Vallehermoso, 46, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Website

Gluten-Free Segovia: Day Trip from Madrid 

Most people visiting Madrid usually do a full day tour to Segovia to discover the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the Roman aqueduct, the castle which inspired Cinderella’s castle, and to devour cochinillo asado i.e. roast suckling pig. Luckily, us celiacs can explore the city and partake in devouring the suckling pig. There are a few gluten-free friendly restaurants in Segovia, however the best gluten-free restaurant in Segovia for celiacs is Asador Maribel.

Asador Maribel

Here celiacs can try traditional cochinillo asado, as well as other Spanish cuisines as the menu is 90% gluten-free and the staff are very knowledgeable about celiac disease and cross contamination.

Av. del Padre Claret, 16, 40001 Segovia, Spain | Visit Website

Travel Recommendation: It can be a bit of a hassle trying to do a day trip to Segovia on your own. We recommend taking the hassle and worry out of planning and take a tour to Segovia. This tour includes roundtrip transportation and a guided walking tour of Segovia.

Gluten-free Friendly Hotels in Madrid 

Only YOU Boutique Hotel Madrid 

Don’t want to travel far for a safe gluten-free breakfast or lunch, then don’t. At Only YOU, all you need to do is go down to the lobby, as the hotel is connected to the 100% gluten-free bakery, Celiciso. The 4-star hotel in the center of Madrid is more than happy to cater to celiacs by consciously cooking dishes for their 24-hour breakfast and in their restaurant.

Check Price & Availability

Hotel Senator Gran Vía

Since 2011, this hotel chain has maintained their agreement with Spain’s Celiac Association, FACE and provided celiac guests knowledgeable and trained staff, dedicated gluten-free menus at their restaurants, and safe dishes. This 4-star hotel is located on the popular Gran Via and is only a few minutes walk away from Plaza España.

Check Price & Availability

Melia Madrid Princesa

This elegant 4-star hotel is just an 8 minute walk away from Gran Via and Plaza España and it also has an agreement with FACE and is dedicated to providing a safe and delicious vacation to celiac guests. Gluten-free options are available for breakfast and in their Mediterranean restaurant.

Check Price & Availability

Airbnb Rental

There is no better way to guarantee a 100% gluten-free meal than by making your own. Renting an entire Airbnb apartment with an equipped kitchen gives you the peace of mind and potential back-up you need while traveling gluten-free in Madrid.

Supermarkets With Gluten-Free Products

A trip to any supermarket in Madrid will always be a good one, as you’ll find many things labeled sin gluten including already made food, frozen items, and more. Certified gluten-free products will either have the FACE gluten-free logo or the EU gluten-free logo. Popular supermarkets have their own brands and carry international gluten-free brands. El Cortes Inglés, Carrefour, and Mercadona are supermarkets with the largest gluten-free products.

Useful Gluten-Free Phrases in Spanish

  • Sin gluten =  Gluten-free
  • Sense gluten (in Catalan) = Gluten-free
  • Trigo Wheat
  • Cebada = Barley
  • Avena = Oats
  • Salsa de soja = Soy sauce
  • Centeno =  Rye
  • Pan = Bread
  • Almidón de trigo = Wheat starch
  • Rebozado = Breaded
  • Puede contener trazas de … = May contain traces of… 
  • Soy celiaco (m)/ Soy celiaca (f)  = I am celiac 
  • Tiene harina de trigo? = Does this have wheat flour? 
  • No puedo comer gluten / harina de trigo =  I can’t eat gluten / wheat flour 
  • Lleva harina? = Does it have flour?
  • ¿Está rebozado? = Is it coated in breadcrumbs?
  • Se han frito en el mismo aceite otros alimentos que puedan contener gluten? = Have this been fried in the same oil as other food that may have gluten?

Gluten-Free Resources

Although being a celiac can feel like a limitation when traveling, especially in a culinary heavy city such as Madrid, these gluten-free restaurants and bakeries will remind you that there is a world of possibilities out there, and that celiacs can travel and enjoy their time too.

Planning on exploring other destinations in Spain, check out our other gluten-free guides in Spain.

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