Gluten-Free Prague: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

October 12, 2023 by Ben
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Traveling as or with someone who is gluten-free can pose a lot of frustration and annoyance, especially when visiting a country that has a lot of bread or pastry delicacies. However, we here at Happy Celiac don’t want you to miss out on any of the delectable foods Czechia has to offer, which is why we have dug our heels in and carefully curated the ultimate guide to eating gluten-free in Prague. From fully gluten-free restaurants and bakeries to must-try gluten-free dishes and dedicated gluten-free stores, we’ve got you covered with all the tools you need to avoid gluten while on holiday in Prague. So grab a spoon and let’s dig in!

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Tips for Eating Gluten-Free in Prague

It is no easy task to eat gluten-free abroad, especially when there is a language barrier. If you or someone you know is gluten-free or celiac, then you are well aware that you can’t just walk into any old restaurant and hope for the best. Oftentimes, researching in advance is the best way to go about it. However, there are a few other ways to enjoy a spontaneous meal or drink without worry that you will accidentally ingest gluten. 

Get a Czech Gluten-Free Restaurant Card

Chances are you aren’t fluent in Czech, the official language of Czechia, and you might be wondering how to inquire about the preparation of your meal, such as whether it has been fried in the same fryer as dumplings or schnitzels, or if the bread is gluten-free. Questions like these can be challenging to convey accurately if their is a language barriers. That’s why we recommend getting a Czech gluten-free restaurant card.

A gluten-free restaurant card serves as a helpful tool to communicate your dietary needs and requirements to your server and the chef, ensuring they can assist you in making suitable menu choices. Similar to many other gluten-free travel cards, this restaurant card includes a contamination warning and a list of foods that are not gluten-free. However, the Czech gluten-free restaurant card by Celiac Travel goes the extra mile by also providing a list of gluten-free food options!

Check out the Czech Coeliac Society and the Association of Celiacs of the Czech Republic

A great resource to check out is the Association of Celiacs of the Czech Republic (ACCR). The ACCR is a member of the Association of European Celiac Organizations and has several resources useful for planning a gluten-free Prague vacation. Their goal is to help those who need to eat gluten-free have an easier time buying and consuming products in the country. On their website, you’ll find an extensive list of guaranteed gluten-free products that you can search through before purchasing a snack or food item from the grocery store. They are also in charge of verifying gluten-free products and adding the trademark EU symbol for gluten-free products, which uses the internationally recognized crossed grain symbol.

Official European gluten-free crossed grain symbol
Official gluten-free symbol in the EU

Another great resource for eating gluten-free in Prague is the Czech Coeliac Society (CCS), which also boasts an immense amount of resources from lists of gluten-free establishments and stores to maps of gluten-free restaurants, stores, bakeries, and more in the country. They also have plenty of posts on questions surrounding gluten-free food in Czechia, like hotels and hostels that serve gluten-free breakfasts and whether you can eat edible tableware. 

Be Careful With Beers Labeled Gluten-Free in Prague

It may come as a surprise to hear that several gluten-free beers in Prague, and the rest of Europe, are not naturally gluten-free, but instead are gluten-removed. Depending on who you ask, they may lay claim that gluten-removed beers are safe to consume but others say they are not safe for celiacs to consume. In the end, it’s up to you if you want to try these gluten-free beers, so use your best judgment. Two popular and certified gluten-removed Czech beers are Žatec and Celia.

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants and Bakeries in Prague

In the last 10 years, gluten-free restaurants and products have been on the rise, which is fantastic for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Prague is no exception to this, with plenty of gluten-free bakeries and restaurants throughout the city. 

Below, we have listed the best gluten-free restaurants in Prague so that you can enjoy a worry-free and gluten-free meal while on vacation. If you’re an avid traveler or someone who is tired of researching gluten-free restaurants in every new city they visit, then consider downloading our ebook “100% Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants Around the World,” which features over 1000 restaurants and bakeries worldwide that are verified gluten-free. This way you’ll have the best gluten-free restaurants on hand no matter where your adventures or work takes you! 

Editor’s Note:

Restaurants and bakeries marked with a “★” are completely gluten-free. In all other establishments, gluten-free items are offered alongside gluten-containing options, and cross-contamination may be a concern for individuals with celiac disease.

Also, please be aware that restaurants and their menus are subject to change. To ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we strongly recommend contacting the restaurant directly before planning your visit.

Restaurace U Agamy ★

If you’re looking to try some local Czech delicacies such as dumplings, potato pancakes, or croquettes, then make your way to Restaurace U Agamy located in the Žižkov neighborhood (Prague 3). Here you can enjoy all the famous Prague foods sans the gluten!

Address: 35, Štítného 202, 130 00 Praha 3Visit Website

Alriso Risotteria Italiana ★ 

This Italian family-style trattoria is the ideal spot to stop in for a savory risotto or pasta meal. Chef Jiří Sus focuses on creating delicious meals, desserts, and appetizers using rice products, and the restaurant features an extensive list of gluten-free drinks.

Address: Betlémské nám. 11/259, 110 00 PrahaVisit Website

Gluten-free goulash in Prague, Czechia

Bassotto ★

This fully lactose-free and gluten-free bakery in Prague is also a wine bar and is the perfect spot for an afternoon snack and drink. Here, you can enjoy several gluten-free pastries, along with gluten-free beers and drinks. Looking for gluten-free pizza in Prague? You’ll find it here too!

Address: Pštrossova 1926/4, 110 00 Nové MěstoVisit Website

Cukrárna Buchta ★

Located across the river on the north side of the city in the Nový Bubeneč neighborhood (Prague 6) sits this lovely 100% gluten-free cake shop. Inside, you’ll find plenty of sweet and savory pastries, like tarts, cookies, and muffins. 

Address: Národní obrany 824/35, 160 00 Praha 6Visit Website

Good Food, Coffee and Bakery

If you’re hankering for one of Prague’s famous chimney cakes, then make your way over to Good Food, Coffee, and Bakery just down the road from the Old Town Bridge Tower. This is one of the only bakeries in the city where you can get a gluten-free chimney cake!

Address: Karlova 160/8, 110 00 Staré MěstoVisit Website

Gluten-free spaghetti at Alriso Risotteria Italiana in Prague, Czechia
© Alriso Risotteria Italiana | Instagram

Babiččina spíž

Another great bakery to check out is Babiččina spíž located on the edge of Old Town (Prague 1). Here, you’ll find plenty of scrumptious baked goods, along with sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, and homemade lemonade.

Address: Hradební 1044/14, 110 00 Staré MěstoVisit Website

Tree Sisters ★

Tree Sisters café, located a 10-minute walk from the Národní Muzeum in Prague 2, is the ideal place to stop in for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat (this is a vacation, after all). The entire bakery is 100% gluten- and lactose-free as well as vegan.

Address: Rumunská 25, 120 00 VinohradyVisit Website

MyRaw Café ★

MyRaw Café is another great option for gluten-free breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The café is vegan and 100% gluten-, lactose-, and sugar-free. They also have an online e-store if you want to order something for delivery.

Address: Na Struze 5, 110 00 Nové MěstoVisit Website

Gluten-free backed goods from Bassotto in Prague, Czechia
© Bassotto | Instagram

Arepas de Lyna

If you’ve got a craving for some Venezuelan food, then make your way over to Arepas de Lyna in Prague 10. The restaurant offers several gluten-free dishes for delivery or sit-down, such as arepas, empanadas, and tequeños.

Address: Korunní 1173/83, 130 00 VinohradyVisit Website


If you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing, cold sorbet, then check out Angelato. This gelato shop has four different locations throughout the city and has a rotating selection of gluten-free and vegan-friendly sorbets.

Address: Various locationsVisit Website

Den Noc

Den Noc Bistro located in Old Town is one of the best places to try gluten-free pancakes in Prague. Lactose-free options are also available.

Address: Templová 648/7, 110 00 Staré MěstoVisit Website

Gluten-free muffin from Cukrárna Buchta in Prague, Czechia
© Cukrárna Buchta | Instagram

El Centro

If you’re visiting the Petrin Tower on the west side of the river, then head over to El Centro for a bite to eat after. This Latin American restaurant offers a great selection of over 20 gluten-free dishes, from burgers and tacos to paella and empanadas, you’ll find something savory and delicious here!

Address: Maltézské nám. 293/9, 118 00 Malá StranaVisit Website

Vegan’s Prague

Right behind Prague Castle sits the quaint vegan restaurant, Vegan’s Prague, which also offers a few gluten-free dishes like baked sweet potato with guacamole, zucchini lasagna, and coconut curry with jasmine rice.

Address: 36, Nerudova 221, Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1Visit Website

Restaurace Podolka

If you’re looking for a restaurant to enjoy a gluten-free meal with a view of the Vltava River, then make a reservation at Restaurace Podolka. Located directly on the water, this fantastic restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has a well-marked menu with over 25 gluten-free options.

Address: Podolské nábřeží – Přístav 1, 147 00 PrahaVisit Website

Gluten-free cakes from Tree Sisters in Prague, Czechia
© Tree Sisters | Instagram

Restaurace Maitrea

Located in the heart of Old Town, Restaurace Maitrea offers a 100% vegetarian menu with several gluten-free dishes. Enjoy global gluten-free and vegetarian meals like zucchini spaghetti, poké bowls, Thai red curry, and more!

Address: Týnská ulička 1064/6, 110 00 Staré MěstoVisit Website

MaLi Bistro

If you’re hankering for a burger or pizza but aren’t sure where to go, then make your way to the north side of the city to Mali Bistro. They have an insane selection of gluten-free pizzas and burgers accompanied with fresh, homemade burger buns.

Address: Freyova 247/13, 190 00 Praha 9Visit Website

Můj šálek kávy

This great urban café near Vitkov offers a lovely selection of gluten-free breakfast and lunch options. Their gluten-free bread is baked in-house and pairs nicely with an English breakfast!

Address: Křižíkova 386/105, 186 00 Praha 8-KarlíVisit Website

Gluten-free arepas from Arepas de Lyna in Prague, Czechia
© Arepas de Lyna | Instagram

Permanently Closed Gluten-Free Restaurants

  • Svejk Restaurant U Karla
  • Sweet Secrets of Raw
  • White & Crispy
  • Lavande
  • Little Whale/U Male
  • Na zlaté křižovatce

Best Hotels in Prague for Celiacs

While gluten-free hotels and hostels are rare, there are still several hotels in Prague that offer a great selection of gluten-free options in their on-site restaurants and for their breakfast, meaning they have more options than just gluten-free bread.

Booking accommodation through Airbnb is also an excellent option for anyone looking to avoid gluten as you can cook your own meals knowing they are 100% gluten-free! 

Best Supermarkets in Prague for Celiacs

Several of the large European supermarkets in Prague, like Albert and Billa, offer a wide range of gluten-free products like cereals, cookies, breads, and more! Just be sure to check for the standard EU gluten-free symbol on all products before you buy them. You can also find familiar European gluten-free brands in the stores, such as Schar and Free From

The drugstore DM, along with the health food stores BioPoint and Country Life also have a great variety of gluten-free items. Svět bez lepku is another fantastic option as it is a dedicated gluten-free store with a bakery offering fresh breads and goodies. You can find a few locations of Svět bez lepku in Prague and in other Czech towns.

Must-Know Czech Words and Phrases for Celiacs

You may think you don’t need to learn any Czech if you have a phone available to translate or a gluten-free restaurant card. However, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most common phrases and words just in case your phone dies or you lose your card. So here are a few phrases and words you might find helpful! 

  • Gluten-free — Bezlepkový
  • Gluten — Lepek
  • Flour — Mouka
  • Wheat — Pšenice
  • Wheat starch — Pšeničný škrob
  • Rye — Žito
  • Barley — Ječmen
  • Oats — Oves
  • Malt — Slad
  • Semolina — Krupice
  • Wafer — Oplatka
  • Bread — Chléb
  • May contain traces of gluten. — Může obsahovat stopy lepku.

Everything Else You Need to Know Before Traveling to Prague 

Prague is a fantastic city to visit no matter what your interests are. The Golden City, as it’s nicknamed, has an excellent nightlife scene, loads of incredible buildings with fascinating architecture, and plenty of historic sites to visit. In fact, the only downside of visiting Prague is that you’ll never be able to see and do everything in one trip! 

Best Time to Visit Prague

There is never a bad time to visit Prague as each season brings its own benefits and beauty. However, if you’re looking to avoid the crowds (trust us, it gets crowded) then consider avoiding summertime and visiting in April, May, or October when the weather is still warm and there are significantly less tourists. 

With that in mind, the city is also quite a magical place to visit in the wintertime as well, especially December as that’s when Prague’s famous Christmas Market comes to life. But it does get busier around the holidays as many people fly in specifically for the market.  

How to Get Around Prague

Prague is a very pedestrian-friendly city! In fact, you won’t want to rent a car and try to drive down those narrow streets on your own as Prague has some of the best public transport in Europe. When navigating the city via public transport, you have a few different options like trams, metro, buses, and funiculars. Buses and trams also offer lines that run after midnight for those who will be hitting the town on a night out. Visitors can purchase public transit tickets for anywhere from 30 minutes to three days, with the latter offering savings.The tickets are contactless and allow for changes between trams, buses, and metro. Rideshares like Uber and Bolt are also available in the city, along with taxis. 

Best Things to Do in Prague

Prague has a plethora of fantastic attractions and things to do. Below are some of the can’t-miss attractions for first-time Prague visitors! 

Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Vysehrad, Prague, Czech Republic
© pyty |

Explore Vyšehrad Fortress

Easily one of the top things to do in Prague is to visit the 10th century fortress where the first Czech king, King Vratislav II of the Přemyslid dynasty, sat to rule. Vyšehrad Fortress has several beautiful gardens to explore, along with historic buildings and churches that overlook the river. To get the most out of your visit, check out this two-and-a-half-hour guided tour

Aerial view over Prague Castle in Prague, Czechia
© V_E |

Take a Tour of Prague Castle

It’s easy to spend a day at Prague castle exploring the palaces, churches, towers, and buildings of this 1000 year old UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s actually so large it holds the Guiness Book of World Records record for largest ancient castle. With so much history wrapped up in the castle and grounds, the best way to experience Prague Castle is with a guided tour. Guided tours and audio guides are available at the castle, but we recommend this two-and-a-half-hour guided tour with a local

Old Town square and Clock Tower in Prague, Czechia
© Sergii Figurnyi |

Wander and Enjoy a Patio Meal at Old Town Square

One area tourists cannot miss out on is Old Town Square. The square is home to several impressive and ornate buildings, including the Church of Our Lady Before Týn, the Stone Bell House, and the Old Town Hall. Tourists can also check out the Prague Christmas Market in the square during the holiday season or hire one of the year-round horse drawn carriages to tour the city. There are plenty of great restaurants on the square where visitors can enjoy a meal and take in the scenic views.

View of Charles Bridge and Lesser Town Bridge Tower in Prague Czech Republic
© MillaFedotova |

Enjoy the View from Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a striking 14th century bridge with grand arches and ornate details that links Old Town with the Lesser Quarter. This is a must-see in Prague as tourists can climb the bridge tower for a spectacular view of the river and city. 

Lennon Wall in Prague, Czechia
© emka74 |

Admire the Artworks at the John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall, located near the Charles Bridge, is an interesting arts and culture stop while sightseeing in the city. The wall was constructed just after John Lennon was shot in the 1980s and has become a symbol of nonviolence and free speech to the youth of Prague, especially during communist times. Today, visitors can admire the vibrant wall art and are even encouraged to add to it! 

Beautiful view over Prague from Petrin Tower
© bloodua |

Ride the Funicular to Petrin Tower for a Jaw-Dropping View

Petrin Tower is a hilltop observation tower that offers fantastic views of the city. Tourists have two options on how to get to the tower on the hill. First, they could opt to hike up the hill, enjoying stops along the way to take in the view. This hike takes about 30 minutes. The second option is to ride the small funicular (a type of cable car) to the top. The funicular is still considered public transit, so public transit passes are accepted on board. 

Astronomical Clock Tower in Prague, Czechia
© Noppasin Wongchum |

Watch the Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Astronomical Clock is a quirky and unique tourist attraction as it is the world’s oldest working clock! Every hour, the chimes ring and a series of playful apostles parade around above clock in a fun dance. The clock, dating back to Medieval times, can be found in Old Town Square and rings between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily. 

The Clementinum library in Prague, Czechia
© Bruno Delzant / (CC BY 2.0 Deed)

Take a Guided Tour of the Clementinum

This 18th century historic library is an enchanting and often missed attraction in Prague. Tourists can take a guided tour of the stunning Baroque library that’s filled with over 20,000 volumes of books. Also included with a tour is access to the top of the tower, which offers unmatched panoramic views of Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

Prague city skyline, Prague, Czech Republic
© Noppasin Wongchum |

Go For a Stroll in Letna Park

Prague has several beautiful greenspaces throughout the city, but few come close to what Letna Park has to offer. This hillside park features incredible views of the Vltava River and its bridges, and if that isn’t enough for you, it’s also home to one of the best beer gardens in the city, Letna Beer Garden. So if you’re looking to enjoy a sunny day and a tipple, this is the spot to head to! 

Panoramic view of Charles Bridge in Prague, Czechia
© Sergii Figurnyi |

Take a Boat Cruise on the Vltava River

The Vltava River winds its way through Prague and is an excellent way to enjoy the city from a different point of view. There are several types of cruises to choose from, from evening sunset cruises to dinner cruises, and guided day-time tours, but the best one depends on how you want to experience the city. No matter which boat cruise you choose, you’ll get up close to the bridges, learn some interesting tidbits about Prague, and snap some great pictures of the city from the water. 

Best Day Trips From Prague

While you could easily fill up your vacation itinerary with all the fantastic attractions in the city, it’s also nice to escape the metropolis and get a feel for the Czech countryside as well as other popular attractions and towns. So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Prague, consider day-tripping to one of these fantastic places in Czechia! 

Panorama of the historical part of Cesky Krumlov with Castle and Church of St. Vitius, Czech Republic
© MikeNG |

Český Krumlov

The beautiful Czech town of Český Krumlov is one of the most popular small towns to visit from Prague, and for a good reason. Not only is it located only a 25 minute train ride from Prague, but it boasts an awe-inspiring old town area that has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its stunning 14th-century buildings. The town is also home to a massive castle, Český Krumlov Castle, which features over 40 palaces, five courtyards, and a Baroque theater all overlooking the Vltava River.

Pravcicka brana the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe in Bohemian Switzerland National Park
© KarlosXII |

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

If you’re looking to take advantage of some of Czechia’s natural beauty, like towering sandstone pillars, waterfalls, and vibrant forests, then make your way to Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The park is home to Europe’s largest natural archway, Pravcicka Brana, and the views of this large natural wonder can be admired from the nearby Sokolí hnízdo restaurant. There are plenty of hiking trails in the park that will take you to some interesting sandstone formations or to waterfalls. 

Tepla river in the center of Karlovy Vary, Czechia
© Borisb17 |

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary has been known as a health retreat town for many many years due to its many natural and powerful hot springs. In fact, the geysers and thermal springs have been popularized in Czechia dating all the way back to the 14th century! However, the hot springs aren’t the only attraction offered in this quaint Czech town. The town is also home to some beautiful architecture, along with some fantastic museums and observation towers. You can opt to make your own way to Karlovy Vary, which takes two hours by train and car, or you can book this fantastic full-day tour to Karlovy Vary from Prague.

Karlstejn Castle near Prague, Czechia
© Michaela Jilkova |

Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn Castle is a fantastic example of Gothic castle architecture and a great day trip destination for those visiting Prague. The massive castle was built by the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King, Charles VI, in the mid 14th-century to store royal jewels, holy relics, and other valuable treasures, including the important Bohemian jewels. Today, the only way to visit this stunning castle and learn more about its intriguing past is via a guided tour from Prague. Karlštejn Castle is ideally located only 20 miles from Prague, which takes about an hour to get to by train and on foot or by car from the city center. 

Well, my gluten-free friends, you should be more than well-prepared to tackle Prague as a gluten-free tourist! Let there be nothing holding you back from indulging in all the delectable foods Czechia has to offer.


  • Jaana Fogl

    You might want to add Svět bez lepku, a gluten free bakery with online reservation. They have two locations in Prague and also several in other Czech towns. The Prague locations are Hradčanská and náměstí Bratří Synků.

  • Debbie

    “Sweet Secrets of Raw“ is now called “Tree Sisters”, but still to be found in the same location and still serving all gluten-free!

    Best from Prague 😊
    Debbie and Emilian

  • There are many shops and cafes with ice cream filled pastry. Today I had the good fortune of stopping at GOOD FOOD at Karlova 8 near the Charles Bridge. I asked about getting their home made ice cream in a cup because I couldn’t eat the gluten pastry. I was informed they can make the pastry gluten free. I ordered one. They made it fresh, so I waited 20 minutes while it cooked and cooled. When ready the pastry was filled with homemade soft serve ice cream. The pastry and ice cream were delicious.

  • Kelly Canaan

    Thanks for this information! I have a gluten intolerance and will be traveling to Prague in a few months!

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