Gluten-Free Salzburg: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

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Finding a place to eat as a celiac in Salzburg is actually not that difficult. Many restaurants, cafés and even beer gardens are slowly catching on to the demand for more gluten-free options by offering more gluten free dishes on their menu. With the help of this guide, celiacs can continue to maintain their gluten free diet while exploring Salzburg, Austria.

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What You’ll Find in This Article

Gluten-Free Cafés

Café Classic

Eat breakfast like an Austrian and head on over to Café Classic for gluten-free rolls, ham, salami, eggs and everything else Austrians like to eat for breakfast.

Makartplatz 8, 5020 Salzburg |

Café Sacher Salzburg

No trip to Austria is complete without trying at least one of the many cakes here, and at Café Sacher you can actually try a few gluten free ones. So why not take a break from sightseeing and enjoy some nice gluten-free Esterhazyschnitte and a cup of coffee on the terrace of Café Sacher.

Schwarzstraße 5-7, 5020 Salzburg |

Salzburger nockerl
Viroonrat Trapcharoen /

Café Mozart Salzburg

Stop at Café Mozart in the old city for a gluten free version of the Salzburger Nockerl or a delicious mango mascarpone cake.

Getreidegasse 22, 5020 Salzburg |

Gluten Free Local Restaurants


Sternbräu is by far my favorite gluten free spot in Salzburg. I go there to eat whenever I come home to visit family. They have a dedicated gluten free menu with local Austrian dishes and so far I have never had any problems eating there. My favorite dish is the Schweinsbraten (roast pork with potatoes and cabbage salad) and the Salzburger Nockerl.

Griesgasse 23, 5020 Salzburg |

Wiener Schnitzel, typical Austrian dish
Valerio Pardi /


Though the Gablerbräu doesn’t have a gluten free menu, the waiters are very knowledgeable and can make you almost anything on their menu gluten free! I recommend trying the Beef Goulash. It is amazing!

Linzer Gasse 9, 5020 Salzburg |

Steinlechner Jedermann’s Wirtshaus

This local restaurant is a short bus ride outside of the city centre but it is totally worth a visit. They have a dedicated gluten free menu with many traditional dishes including Kasnockn (Spätzle with cheese and caramelized onions) which is a must try while in Austria. Note: Kasnockn need to be ordered in advance.

Aigner Straße 4-6, 5020 Salzburg |

Gasthaus Zwettler’s

The waiters here are very knowledgeable and gluten free dishes are clearly labeled on the menu. They too have a wide variety of local Austrian dishes to try from.

Kaigasse 3, 5020 Salzburg |

Austrian cheese noodles (spaetzle) in a serving pan
Karl Allgaeuer /

Gluten Free Beer Gardens

Die Weisse

If you are looking to enjoy a cold brew in a local beer garden, head on over to Die Weisse. They are known for their Wheat Beers however just recently, they also started brewing a gluten free version. It tastes just like the original as it is made the same way. The only difference is that the gluten proteins are killed through a special distillation process. So I guess all that’s left to say is Prost!

Rupertgasse 10, 5020 Salzburg |

Gluten Free International Restaurants

The Heart of Joy Café

The Heart of Joy Café is a vegetarian and vegan café & restaurant that offers a wide selection of gluten free dishes and cakes. Regardless of the time you visit, breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Heart of Joy Café has something yummy waiting for you.

Franz-Josef Strasse 3, 5020 Salzburg |

Ristorante Beccofino

Craving Italian food? Head over to Ristorante Beccofino and order one of the many delicious gluten free pizzas or pasta dishes.
Note: GF pizzas need to be ordered in advance.

Rupertgasse 7, 5020 Salzburg |

Pizza & Pasta – Spaghetti & Co

If you need a break from walking around the old city make a stop at Pizza & Pasta and order … yes, you guessed right, a gluten free pizza, lasagna or any other pasta dish.

Getreidegasse 14, 5020 Salzburg |

Gluten Free Hotels in Salzburg

Villa Auersperg

Villa Auersperg is a small family-run boutique hotel located in the heart of Salzburg. Though located in the heart of the city it is still far enough to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay without the noise of the ever growing streams of tourists. Hotel & Villa Auersperg features a beautiful garden, a rooftop city spa with a steam bath, sauna, sun terrace and of course a amazing views of Salzburg’s cityscape. The hotel’s rich breakfast buffet boasts not only local, handmade and organic products, but also gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products.

Check Availability

Hotel Wolf Dietrich

Hotel Wolf Dietrich is where you want to stay if you are looking to enjoy every bit of your holiday vacation with no limitations. The uniquely designed hotel is centrally located and within walking distance of many popular attractions in Salzburg. For breakfast they serve a delicious and fresh breakfast buffet with cold delicacies, crisp rolls, fresh fruit, egg dishes and more. Upon request gluten-free bread, salt-free cheese, lactose-free milk and more can be provided to guest with dietary restrictions.

Check Availability

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Supermarkets with Gluten Free Items

Spar, Billa and Merkur

Most bigger supermarkets nowadays carry gluten free items such as bread, cereal, and noodles. Usually those items are displayed together on one shelf, so just ask one of the store workers where the gluten free items can be found. Spar even has their own “Free from” brand for people with allergies.

Note: Be aware that the famous Mirabell Mozartballs (Mozartkugel) can contain traces of wheat. You can read more about it here.

dm drogerie markt

dm drug stores can be found all over the city and usually the have a small food section where you can find gluten free and organic items.

Reformhaus (Organic Supermarkets)

Reformhäuser can also be found all over the city but usually things here are more expensive than they need to be. However, if you are looking for something specific this would be the place to find it.

Useful German Phrases

Below is a list of useful German phrases you should know to help avoid getting glutened. Make sure to also download our FREE German gluten-free restaurant card.

  • Glutenfrei – gluten free
  • Mehl – flour (usually wheat-flour)
  • Weizen – wheat
  • Gerste – barley
  • Roggen – rye
  • Hafer – oats
  • Semmelbrösel – breadcrumbs
  • Griess – semolina
  • Waffel – wafer
  • Brot – bread
  • Semmel – bread roll
  • Paniert – breaded

Books About Austria and Its Food

Gluten Free Resources

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  1. Thanks for this guide, it was very helpful and we had some great meals as a result. Just wanted to give you an update, though. We passed through Salzburg twice on our trip, two weeks apart, and on the first visit we went to Sternbrau (sorry, can’t find the umlaut on this tablet). The GF menu was hand, the waitress was very helpful, but unfortunately we missed the chance to try the GF Salzburger Nockerl because the kitchen closed before we ordered dessert. We were so disapointed that we went on a Nockerl quest on our return journey, stopping first at Cafe Mozart, which had no GF Nockerl but some nice looking cakes. Then we went back to Sternbrau and it was like it had turned into a totally different restaurant. The waiter and even the manager insisted that Salzburger Nockerl has gluten in it, and they just gave me blank looks when I insisted I’d seen a GF version on the GF menu two weeks earlier. They were brusque and impatient but did even go ask in the kitchen, where the chef said the Nockerl was pre-made and just pulled from the fridge into the grill or whatever when it was ordered.

    It was so bizarre, all I could think was that the restaurant came under new ownership in between our visits.

    Anyway, a visit to Sternbrau is likely to prove disappointing at this point, so I thought I’d post this heads-up to future visitors to this page.

    Thanks for the blogging and enjoy your travels!

  2. Another update, Zwettler’s had gluten free Salzburger Nockerl as of 15 Nov 2017. Dinner was fantastic too! Thanks for the guide, very helpful here and in Vienna.

  3. My husband has a celiac and this page was so helpful during our trip to Salzburg, thank you!

    There was a korean restaurant called Hibiskus (Koreasküche HIBISKUS
    ). Apparently they use GF soy sauce they imported from Korea. I double checked with them after checking their menu and my husband had Bulgogi (usually non GF due to soy sauce) and he was fine. They have a lot of options on their menu that are GF.

    + in Salzburg they don’t write ‘GF’ on their menu. Usually gluten is stated as A. (ex. gluten = A, crustaceans = B, eggs = C) My husband didn’t pay attention to the fine prints and only looked for G for gluten and ended up eating something gluten :/

  4. So helpful, thank you!! I ate at Sternbrau today and it was fantastic! This has made eating GF in Salzburg much easier 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I am celiac and I have been to Sternbrau for diner earlier tonight. I had the roast pork and a few minutes after eating I have vomit, a lot, in the restaurant’s toilets… I really appreciate the aim of this website, this is why I prefer to notice it for future celiac people 🙂 thanks for what you write to us !

  6. The menu in Cafe Mozart listed all of their coffee drinks with milk or milk products as containing gluten. Makes me wonder how accurate their menu is, or why their milk products have filler?

    • @CarolV, In Austria we use the allergen code A for anything containing Gluten and G for Lactose. So don’t be confused…

  7. Hi, was in Salzburg last week and just wanted to say thanks for this guide. We went to Sternbrau, Gablerbrau and the Pizza & Pasta place, which were all good. We also booked for Zwettlers – but the only GF option there now is salad 🙁


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