Gluten-Free Budapest: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

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After living in Budapest for over a year, I can safely say Budapest is very allergen and gluten-free friendly. Eating gluten-free here is fairly easy. From dedicated gluten-free restaurants and bakeries, you will be spoiled for choice.

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the best gluten-free restaurants in Budapest for celiacs, so you won’t have to worry about getting sick during your trip. At the restaurants on this list you’ll get to devour traditional Hungarian dishes like Goulash, langos, beigli, and more.

So without further ado, here are the best gluten-free restaurants in Budapest!

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Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants in Budapest

When your health is non-negotiable and you’re not in the position to make your own meals, the next best thing to do is eat at 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants. This way you don’t need to risk your health, worry about cross-contamination, or get sick while traveling.

Luckily, Budapest is littered with them. We listed a few 100% gluten-free restaurants in Budapest below, however, if you want even more options, get your hands on our ebook that lists over 20 dedicated gluten-free restaurants in Budapest as well as thousands of other dedicated gluten-free establishments around the world.


Wherever you search online for gluten-free food in Budapest, this 100% gluten-free restaurant will pop up, and for good reason. Drop not only uses quality ingredients and caters to celiacs, they also cater to those with other dietary needs, especially those with a lactose intolerance.

Did I mention they’re open for breakfast all the way until midnight? That means you can get your brunch on at any time of the day. From juicy burgers with non-crumbling buns and creamy salmon penne to delicious Hungarian dishes like goulash you won’t want to pass up this restaurant. Chances are you’ll eat here more than once. I know I did :)

Hajós u. 27, 1065 Budapest | Website

Free! – a Gluténmentes Pékség

Considered to be the pioneer of gluten-free bakeries in Budapest, this gluten-free gem will be a delight to your trip in Budapest. With two locations in the city, you can enjoy gluten-free baked goods, sandwiches, and even pizza without compromising the delicious taste. The bakery is 100% free of gluten and soy. Many of their baked goods are also free of lactose and egg.

Fény u. 16, 1024 Budapest | Website

Cöli Bisztró

In the center of Budapest, near the Nyugati Square, you’ll find this dedicated gluten-free bakery, shop, and canteen. You can enjoy everything from baked goods to savory dishes like pizza, hamburgers, and more. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of their pizzas (tastes almost like frozen pizza), but I can say their breads are delicious and soft. I highly recommend them.

At Cöli you can also shop for gluten-free products from all over. The bistro can be tricky to find as it is located within the Nyugati Gateway Shop, so be on the lookout for this place.

Celiac Note: They use gluten-free wheat-starch in many of their products, so double check the ingredients if you are intolerant to wheat.

Jókai u. 40, 1065 Budapest | Website

Köles A Reform Konyha (CLOSED)

This restaurant is the pioneer for gluten-free restaurants in Budapest. Being the first of its kind, this canteen serves a few dishes free of chemicals and additives, and it has a menu that changes daily. Unlike most restaurants on this list, it’s a self-service restaurant as well as a bakery with good desserts and baked bread.

Kertész u. 41, 1073 Budapest | Website

Manioka Bakery

Just a five minute walk from the must-visit Great Market Hall on the famous Raday street, you’ll discover the small 100% gluten-free gem, Manioka. This bakery specializes in traditional Hungarian baked goods, such as Beigli (Christmas poppy seed or walnut swirl cakes), Rétes (strudel), and Flodni (popular Jewish Hungarian cake) which rotate depending on the season, and also offers basic breakfast options.

Though their offerings aren’t vast, their breakfast omelette is delicious and so are their baked goods! I especially love their walnut beigli and the fresh everything seed baguette. Everything they sell is exclusively gluten and lactose-free, with some egg, and sugar-free options.

I highly recommend coming early as their baked goods are usually limited or sold out by late afternoon. Manioka is one of my favorite gluten-free bakeries in Budapest.  

Ráday u. 15, 1092 Budapest | Website

Naspolya Nassolda

Naspolya Nassolda is less of a restaurant and more like a snack shop. They sell delicious raw cakes (a bit pricey), treats, and breakfast in the morning, so don’t come here expecting to eat lunch or dinner. However, if you do want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy dessert, head here. Almost everyone can eat here as all the desserts and treats are seasonal, raw, and vegan. They are also free of refined sugar, egg, gluten, and dairy!

1061, Káldy Gyula u. 7, 1061 Budapest | Website

GluteNo (CLOSED)

This small gem in Budapest serves up delicious paninis and brownies. Though the paninis are good, they’re quite small, so you’ll probably need two to fill you up. If you aren’t up for paninis, stop by for dessert and a cup of coffee; I highly recommend the brownie or cheesecake. While enjoying your snack, you’ll find the staff and owner (if she is there) to be friendly and extremely passionate about their food and celiac disease.

Nagy Diófa u. 32, 1072 Budapest | Website

Tibidabo Gluten Free Bakery

Tibidabo is the new kid on the block quickly making a name for itself in the heart of downtown Budapest. Mixing their own gluten-free flour blends with quality ingredients, Tibidabo seems to have perfected the art of gluten-free baking and thus dishes out delicious pastries and fresh bread, you might not believe is gluten-free, Additionally, their pastries are all milk, refined sugar, rice, corn, soy, and additive free. Their homemade baked goodies range from croissants, challah bread, and more. The sandwiches are top notch and shouldn’t be missed, especially the salmon and prosciutto sandwich.

Tibidabo is a great spot for a healthy gluten-free breakfast, or a place to replenish your gluten-free products as it also serves as a dedicated gluten-free shop.

Rákóczi út 11, 1088 Budapest | Website

Fun Cafe – (CLOSED)

Fun Cafe is exactly what it sounds like, a cafe filled with healthy, fun dishes like pancakes, waffles, quesadillas, cakes, cookies, and more. However, what makes Fun Cafe awesome for celiacs is that it’s the only place in Budapest where you can enjoy a healthy gluten-free version of the Hungarian langos. Langos is a must try when visiting Budapest, which means a visit to Fun Cafe is mandatory. Everything you’ll find at Fun Cafe is gluten and sugar free with many allergy friendly options, so whatever your allergies or dietary restrictions are Fun cafe will accommodate. | Liliom u. 27/b, 1094 Budapest

Maja Gluten Free Bistro (CLOSED)

Just a few blocks from the famous Gellert Bath is a 100% gluten-free bistro, Maja Bistro. The cozy bistro offers excellent baked goodies and reasonably priced meals. The menu changes daily, which means you can enjoy something new everyday. Creamy coconut soup, spicy chicken wings with steak potatoes, and nutella hazelnut cake are just a few examples of what you can devour at Maja. Beside being 100% gluten-free, everything at Maja is also lactose free.

Karinthy Frigyes út 18, 1111 Budapest

Great Bistro (CLOSED)

Great Bistro is what I would call a vegan delight right in the heart of Budapest. From the mushroom avocado toast to the coconut pancakes, you are spoiled for choice at Great Bistro, as everything there is gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free. Though, personally I’m not a fan of entirely vegan restaurants, I didn’t mind eating here, nor did I miss the meat, as the dishes are not only colorful and beautifully presented, but also delicious! Great Bistro isn’t the cheapest lunch option but it’s definitely a gluten-free treat while exploring Budapest.

Bank u. 6, 1054 Budapest | Website

Golden Granet Gluten Free Bakery (CLOSED)

Golden Granite Bakery is one of the newest additions to the Gluten-Free Budapest scene but has been around for a while, previously as simply an online bakery. Now their sample store caters to gluten-free eaters looking for a quick snack. The dedicated gluten-free bakery produces high quality baked goods which are vegan, gluten, nuts, yeast, soy, and milk free yet are still delicious and filled with nutritional value. Some of these goodies include pizza, beigli (swirl cakes), muffins, and more. If you find yourself on the Buda side and want to enjoy a safe gluten-free snack after exploring the Buda Castle, head to Golden Granet.

Lövőház u. 21, 1024 Budapest | Website

Divine Sugar Free Cukrászda (formerlly SugarFree Monkey)

Update: The bakery is no longer 100% gluten-free!

One of the things I love about the popular Raday Street is as a celiac, I am spoilt for choices. And one of those choices is Sugar Monkey. This dedicated gluten-free cafe shop has it all, cakes, granola, cookies, baked goods, pannis, and in the summer months, ice cream with gluten-free cones. Sugar Free Monkey is also a great place for gluten-free eaters with multiple allergies as everything is sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, and now 100% gluten-free! Not to mention everything is properly labeled, even the drinks. Their cakes are superb, especially the ones with chestnut bases, but their brownie is probably the best gluten-free brownie I have ever had since being diagnosed. It’s moist and has the perfect balance of sugar and chocolate. I highly recommend it during your gluten-free trip to Budapest.

Ráday u. 3, 1092 Budapest | Website

Newly Discovered 100% Gluten-Free Restaurants

As I update this article periodically, it always sadden me to have to see some of the places that offered me safe gluten-free food in Budapest close, so to feel better I go on the hunt for new 100% gluten-free eateries so you too can enjoy all the gluten-free goodies Budapest has to offer.

Kata Restaurant | Restaurant | Budapest, Hajós u. 27, 1065 Hungary | Website

Bohémtanya Gluténmentes Vendéglő | Hungarian Restaurant | Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 6, 1061 Hungary | Website

Drumf | Cafe | Budapest, Teréz krt. 9, 1067 Hungary | Website

Táplálékallergia Centrum és Webáruház | Bakery | Budapest, Vág u. 9, 1133 Hungary | Website

Mentes Piskóta | Bakery | Budapest, Bartók Béla út 88, 1115 Hungary | Website

Dolce Farina Niente | Italian Bistro | Budapest, Csévi u. 7, 1025 Hungary | Website

NonGlutén Pizzéria | Pizzeria | Budapest, Király u. 58, 1068 Hungary | Website

FreeFrom A Konyha – Westend | Food Stall | Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Hungary | Website

Other Gluten-Free Restaurants in Budapest

Refuge Bistro (CLOSED)

Resembling a wooden ski chalet, this nice cozy restaurant located in the center of Budapest is exactly what your taste buds ordered. Though not advertised, Refuge does offer gluten-free options. With new dishes each week, draft and craft beer, local wine, and an allergy-friendly kitchen, you and your taste buds will enjoy every moment here.

Kertész u. 48, 1073 Budapest

Pata Negra

This beautifully decorated Spanish tapas restaurant has two locations in Budapest, one on the Buda side and another on the Pest side. The menu is clearly labeled with gluten-free options as well as lactose-free and vegetarian options. At Pata Negra, you can indulge in over 55 delicious tapas that are gluten-free…now that’s awesome. If you are looking for a more meat-heavy meal, visit their third restaurant, El Asador, which also caters to gluten-free customers. As all three locations are always busy, it’s highly recommended to make a reservation.

Various Locations | Website


This small hole in the wall restaurant serves quality homemade Hungarian soups. Everything is made fresh daily and though their menu changes everyday, most of their soups and dishes are usually gluten-free. Be sure to ask the staff working that day what dishes are gluten-free, as the menu changes every day. Just a heads up, their portions are small, so either double up or come here if you are just looking for a snack.

Nagymező u. 10, 1065 Budapest | Website

Bistro Fine

Bistro Fine is an authentic, upscale Hungarian and international cuisine restaurant that caters to gluten-free eaters. Almost everything on the menu can be made gluten-free. They also have lactose-free and vegetarian options for those who need them. In addition to enjoying a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, you can also indulge in their delicious gluten-free sunflower bread and Hungarian goulash if you choose! Though a bit more expensive than most Hungarian restaurants, it’s affordable and a great option for fine dining!

Andrássy út 8, 1061 Budapest | Website

Etna Pasta Pizza To go (formally Etna II. Étterem és Pizzéria)

This restaurant isn’t the best on the list, as their customer service sucks at times, however they do cater to gluten-free eaters. You can enjoy gluten-free pizza (made in a separate area), pasta dishes, and tiramisu for an additional fee. Insider tip: Their first Etna restaurant has better reviews when it comes to customer service.

Baross tér 10, 1087 Budapest | Website

Costos Downtown

This unpretentious Michelin-star restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest. Expect for meals to be more expensive, especially the 4-6 course meals. However, if you want to enjoy a 3-course menu, I highly recommend going for the business lunch option for ~$30. With delicious food and attentive waiters and chefs, you’ll definitely have an unforgettable culinary experience. Reservations are highly recommended.

Vigyázó Ferenc u. 5, 1051 Budapest | Website

Anjuna Ice Pops

My summer days in Budapest were filled with delicious ice pops thanks to Anjuna Ice Pops on Raday street. My favorite was the coconut ice pop, but to be honest all of their flavors are pretty good.

Every Popsicle is made with natural ingredients and is plant based, that means there are no preservatives, additives, or any other nasty things you can think of. But the best part is that everything at Anjuna is gluten-free (and lactose free), yet still hits the spot.

Celiac Note: Though you can deck out your ice pops with toppings like coconut flakes, chocolate, granola, and different nuts, the nuts they use may contain traces of gluten, and though the granola is gluten-free, they aren’t certified. So I steer clear of them!

Beside ice pops they also serve Acai bowls, smoothies, and some cakes too. But I can’t speak on those as I’ve always gone for their summer delights, the ice pops! You can also enjoy these gluten-free goodies near the St. Stephen’s Basilica as they have a location nearby. Anjuna Ice pops are the perfect summer treat during your gluten-free Budapest trip, and should not be missed.

Various locations | Website


Though personally I am not a fan of any fast food chains and won’t eat there, I do know some of my readers enjoy fast food. So to make you guys happy, I added McDonald’s to this guide.

In Budapest, McDonald’s serves gluten-free double cheeseburgers, and from what I have heard and read, they are safe to eat (as always, you can make your own judgement about that). Apparently the staff goes through training, and when a customer asks for a gluten-free burger, they wash their hands then place the packaged buns in a silicone-type foil before toasting them to avoid cross-contamination.

However, I don’t know if the other steps of preparation are cross-contamination free, so please find out before eating there.

Various Locations

Gluten-Free Hotels in Budapest

Below, you will find a few hotel options which accommodate gluten-free eaters as they have bread and gluten-free options available for breakfast and at their restaurants.

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge

Discover comfort and elegance at this chic five star hotel in the heart of Budapest. With breathtaking views of the Chain Bridge over the Danube River, personalized and exclusive services, Sofitel will be exactly what you need on your vacation!

More Information

Continental Hotel Budapest Superior

Located in the Jewish quarter, Continental Hotel is a welcoming oasis from the noisy city. Their traditional Hungarian hospitality, refined details, and personal service, make it a great hotel to stay for gluten-free travelers.

More Information

Hotel Clark

On the banks of the famous Danube River, next to the Chain Bridge, is the elegant 4 star Hotel Clark. The rooms are beautifully decorated with great views. While there, make sure to make use of their complementary e-bike rentals, and relax in the sauna, or go to the rooftop restaurants to catch a beautiful sunset over Budapest.

More Information

Hotel Parliament

Hotel Parliament is a four star boutique hotel right in the heart of Budapest, and just a five minute walk from Parliament and the Danube River. The friendly staff here are extremely helpful and accommodating to visitors with dietary restrictions.

More Information


If you don’t want to put your health in someone else’s hands, or just want to cook a few of your own meals while in Budapest, then the best option is to self cater through Airbnb rentals. Entire Airbnb rentals in Budapest start as low as $10 a night.

Supermarkets with Gluten-Free Items

Like many European countries such as Italy, Spain, and France, supermarkets are packed with gluten-free goodies, so there is no need to pack a suitcase filled with gluten-free goodies.

In supermarket chains like Spar, Lidl, Aldi, and DM you can find everything from bread and flour mixes to pasta and cookies. Both Spar and Aldi carry their own gluten-free brands, however please note that the Aldi products are not certified gluten-free. Popular gluten-free brands in Budapest are Schar and Free From. You can also find plenty of gluten-free products in bio/organic stores.

Bijo Trade Store

Bijo is a gigantic trade store a bit outside of the center (20 minutes by train) with a vast variety of bio, lactose, sugar-free, and of course gluten-free options. It has nearly three full aisles of both local and international gluten-free products. If you want a gluten-free product you can’t find at a supermarket, I guarantee you’ll find it here. I love this store.

Useful Hungarian Phrases

Below you will find a few Hungarian words and phrases that can aid you during your trip, especially when shopping for groceries.

  • Cöliákia betegség – Celiac Disease
  • Gluténmentes – Gluten-free
  • Összetevők – Ingredients
  • Búzaliszt – Wheat Flour
  • Búza – Wheat
  • Buzacsira – Wheat germs
  • Zab – Oats
  • Árpa – Barley
  • Rozs – Rye
  • Kenyér – Bread
  • Ez gluténmentes? – Is this gluten-free?
  • Ez tartalmaz glutént – Does this food contain gluten?
  • Nem ehetek árpát, rozst és búzát tartalmazó ételt. – I can’t eat dishes made with barley, rye or wheat.
  • Tartanak gluténmentes sört? – Do you have gluten-free beer?
  • Nyomokban tartalmazhat … – It may contain traces of …
  • Gluténmentes üzemben csomagolva. – Processed/packaged in a gluten-free facility.

Ben is the founder of Happy Celiac and a seasoned globetrotter with over 15 years of experience living gluten-free. He has embarked on a full-time travel adventure for the past decade, crisscrossing the globe from Europe to South East Asia and the Americas, exploring gluten-free dining options in every corner of the world. His first-hand experience in navigating the culinary intricacies of gluten-free travel has given him a unique perspective on travel and adventure, which he shares through his writing. His expertise and authority in the field make him an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore new destinations.


  1. Thank you for this information. Just returned and ate twice at Drop (because I found it too hard to choose and was a great, well priced place to eat out).

  2. FunCafe’s storefront restaurant is also now closed (according to their Hungarian language website), but they still have pop-ups various places. Find them on Facebook for more info.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog. I am currently in Budapest and I have been to 3 of the places you have mentioned on the list. Drop was really good. I still have plans to try more as we are still here for a couple of days.

  4. Hi,
    My 16 year old Coeliac daughter is going to Budapest in a couple of weeks with college and they have already made reservations at:
    1. Restaurant Bohemtanya
    2. Oktogon Bistro
    3. Restaurant Kaltenberg

    I have tried to navigate their menus but cannot find any reference to anything being gluten free and am obviously anxious about her eating out in a foreign country without me – can anyone help?


    • Hey Elaine, I would recommend she look at the Hungarian names of the dishes on the menus, look up how they are traditionally made and see which could be potentially gluten-free and once at the restaurant, she can ask her questions and see if they are willing to accommodate here. Sorry we don’t have a translation card yet but maybe she can use some of the phrase we wrote above at the restaurant. Hope it works out.

  5. We have just been to Bohémtanya for a meal tonight and the food was excellent. As well as gluten, I have to avoid onions and garlic and the staff were extremely helpful in helping me navigate the menu. We managed to get traditional Hungarian food that catered to my needs. So nice to be able to eat out.


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